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Fortyone hat einen Beitrag geteilt.

"The world's got game!" - Dirk Nowitzki is named FIBA Basketball World Cup ambassador! See you in China starting August 31st! #WorldGotGame #FIBAWC

FIBA Basketball World Cup
🌍 Dirk Nowitzki knows what it takes to compete at the #FIBAWC! #WorldGotGame
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16. Mai 2019 17:21

Fortyone hat einen Beitrag geteilt.

Frage, boing, boing, Antwort, boing boing, ...

Fox Sports Southwest
Throughout his 21 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki has endeared fans with his fun sense of humor. Thanks for all of the laughs, Dirk!
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14. Mai 2019 11:27

"This is just the front porch" - Lisa Tyner über Dirk und ihre Zuversicht für seine Zukunft. ... Mehr sehenWeniger sehen

7. Mai 2019 12:00

41.21.1.Created for Dallas Mavs The Well Creative thewelldelivers.com ... Mehr sehenWeniger sehen

5. Mai 2019 15:03

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Jacob Chuang 🙌🏼

"Kindred Spirit" - Neil Herskowitz über den rauen und herzlichen Umgangston, der ihm über schwere Zeiten hinweggeholfen hat. ... Mehr sehenWeniger sehen

5. Mai 2019 08:56


Dallas Mavericks
“Play good defense and pass me the ball” Words to live by. Relive Dirk’s final home game with some incredible never-before-seen footage from his emotional Dallas farewell in Episode 12 of Full-Court Press.
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24. April 2019 19:09

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Joined Cameo today!!! Hit me up!

Check out my Cameo profile:

Our keynote speaker Christoph Niemann (@abstractsunday) is showing his love for #publictransport in an exclusive video made for us! See him live at our Opening Ceremony #UITP2019

Hot take: Tyrion knew what he was doing all along, through all his "mistakes" in S7 and S8. He ends the series essentially in control of the realm, with no one left to check him except a king who doesn't want to rule. My man won the great game.

We have witnessed one of the greatest and most ambitious shows in the history of its medium. We are lucky.

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